Low Code No Code Platform for Property and Casualty Insurance

Cogitate DigitalEdge
Low Code No Code

Comprehensive Low Code No Code Platform for Property and Casualty Insurance

Add and Modify Insurance
Products Quickly & Easily

Cogitate DigitalEdge Configuration Manager is a robust Low Code No Code platform that provides an easy-to-use interface for insurers to configure products without writing code or any help from the IT team. Cogitate Low Code No Code helps reduce development and launch time by as much as 10 times than traditional linear and sequential approaches. It helps in optimizing the operations by streamlining and creating automated business processes and workflows, thus increasing efficiency and agility across the policy life cycle.


Modify Rates on the fly as per the market requirements

Underwriting Rules
and Workflows

Change, edit underwriting rules, add new rules, change existing rules


Add or edit forms to States


Faster State Rollouts in a matter of hours

Catalyst to Innovate Faster

Speed to Market for Your Business

The inbuilt intuitive tools and D-I-Y functionalities empower the non-technical business users by giving them an uncomplicated experience. Insurers can build and modify rates, forms, underwriting rules, workflows, add new states and more from useful templates, without having to write a single line of code, providing much needed flexibility, scalability and speed to market.

Edge Over the Competition

In order to stay ahead of the competition, modern insurers must keep up with the emerging trends and innovations. Cogitate Low Code No Code platform facilitates a faster development cycle and enables insurers to respond quickly to market demands and opportunities.

Build Customer Loyalty

Be responsive to customer requirements and develop tailored solutions to enhance both experience and loyalty. With Low and No Code capabilities of DigitalEdge Configuration Manager, insurers can build powerful applications within weeks to address customer issues in the shortest time and deliver a winning customer experience that exceeds their expectations.

Rapid Implementation

With Cogitate Low Code No Code the design, development and deployment of applications can be done in as little as 8-12 weeks rather than years. Compared to traditional approaches, low-code no code platform simplifies and speeds up application development.

Lower Cost of Implementation

Cogitate Low Code No Code involves minimal upfront investment in setup and deployment that makes it a viable and practical pick. Not only does the reduction in development and launch time saves valuable resources, but the platform also has a sizeable impact on reducing the manpower outlay by avoiding expensive skilled developer and coder cost.

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