Who we are

We help insurance businesses create their digital footprints and enable digital insurance delivery for their customers through
our innovative technology and mobility products.

FiftyYears of knowledge & experience in the insurance industry combined with our superior technology talent, gives us the ability to create innovative insurance software & mobility products to help grow your business.

Since its inception in 2012, Cogitate Technology Solutions has been creating business advantage for insurance industry with innovative product portfolio. Today, our easy-to-use, cost effective web and mobility products are successfully helping Insurance Carriers, MGAs & Retail Agents to create the digital footprints for their businesses. We help insurance businesses in digital delivery of insurance through our sophisticated products and become Digital Insurance Providers. Simply, we are your insurance technology & mobility partner.

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Umbrella Insurance Carriers

Our innovative mobile, web and analytics products enable insurance carriers to improve their operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience and provide new revenue channels with a complete digital transformation of their business.

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Managing General Agents MGAs & Wholesale Brokers

We can help to simplify agency management and provide anytime, anywhere, and any device access for the sales reporting and customer service with value added and cost effective technology. Our mobile products facilitate the opportunity for efficiency in servicing and insight to drive revenue generating action.

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insurance agents Retail Agents

Insurance Agents hold a special place in the insurance distribution value chain. As their customer demographic evolves, our web and mobile products provide the insurance agency with a customized service and marketing digital platform to ensure their readiness and relevance as the insurance industry transforms.
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Laptop AMS Providers

Our web and mobile-based solutions can be easily integrated with any agency management system in the market. Our solutions enable AMS providers to offer fully integrated solutions to their customers to ensure high levels of service and retention.

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Your Partner in Success

Insurance Knowledge & Technology Experience

We understand your business thoroughly. With over 50 years of insurance experience, our team completely understands your business challenges. With our insurance and technology expertise, we create effective solutions to guide you through your digital evolution.

Passion for Industry Leading Technology

We’re passionate about designing and developing technology products that transform the way that your insurance business works. Our team is comprised of superior technology talent and is always enthused to provide our customers with state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Innovative Technology & Mobile Solutions

We create innovative products to ensure that you are ready to meet the needs and expectations for how your current and future customers will want to transact their business with you. Mobile products are emerging in the industry and we are ready to help you take your business to the next level with our mobile technology platform solution.

Intuitive & Easy to Use

Your business is dynamic and competitive. You strive to meet the service expectations of your customers so your time is valuable. We have designed and implemented intuitive and easy to use applications that are very user friendly and can be used by anyone, anywhere without the burden of complex and extensive training time.

Cost Effective Products

Implementing affordable, cutting edge technology is a key goal for our partnership. We focus on building cost effective products that will ensure you remain relevant to your customers without the need for major capital investments. Our innovative software development process significantly reduces the cost of the end product to you.