Cogitate Billing Solutions for P&C Insurance

DigitalEdge Billing

Modern Billing Solution for Property & Casualty Insurance

Insurance Billing Software -
Smart, Flexible and Robust

Cogitate DigitalEdge Billing is a transformative billing management system for Property and Casualty insurance companies. With a scalable design for your today’s and future needs, DigitalEdge Billing enables end-to-end billing lifecycle management for all personal and commercial lines. With real-time information processing, and user-friendly interface, it allows for greater agility and responsiveness in a constantly changing industry and evolving customers' expectations. Cogitate DigitalEdge Billing can be implemented either as a standalone solution or as part of the Cogitate DigitalEdge Insurance Platform.

Manage Billing Across All
Lines of Business

Market-leading, Account Centric Design Billing Solutions for

  • Agency/Group
  • Combined
  • Direct
Lines of Business
Consumed Policies
Statements Created
In Consumed Payments
Customer Retention


Streamline Cash Management

Real-time knowledge with lucid analytics ensures clear visibility of cash position and improved organizational cash flow

Transform User Experience

With rich functionality and intuitive user interface design, deliver meaningful and relevant experiences


Built-in module of a cloud-native platform, DigitalEdge Billing is flexible, scalable and offers future readiness

Increase Efficiency with

Quick and straightforward processing and tracking of all policy receivables and payables with real-time billing capability

Reduce Operational

Streamline the billing process with smart workflows and tasks management, reduce administrative costs and errors, increase the bottom line and gain a competitive advantage



Industry-leading authentication technologies provide the best-in-class security to your data and systems


Flexible fee and payment plan structures allow insurance companies to adapt to any challenge billing has to offer


Cogitate’s Adaptive API technology ensures seamless and highly configurable integrations with policy admin, payment channels and general ledger providing information at the fingertips

Powerful Search Tools

Robust, real-time search with just a few keystrokes, organized in an easy-to-read and manageable way

Task Automation

Smart directives and triggers ensure DigitalEdge Billing is working with and for you. Never miss a beat

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