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Cogitate Claims FNOL is a digital claims reporting tool for the convenience of policyholders, agents and insurance companies. With the help of this solution, insurance carriers, MGAs and wholesale brokers can enable their customers to report the first notice of loss through web portals and mobile apps. It simplifies the claims reporting process for customers and delivers an efficient, effective and satisfying customer experience.

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Customer experience that goes beyond the basic

Cogitate Claims FNOL is a digital claims reporting solution that ensures a modern customer experience. It gives policyholders the flexibility to directly file claims through mobile and web interfaces instead of calling the insurance company or its agents. Policyholders can capture and submit photographs and upload police reports and other relevant documents with ease while filing their claims. In addition, they can check the status of their claim on both the website and the mobile app. Cogitate Claims FNOL accelerates claims reporting and helps in reducing processing time, leading to better customer satisfaction and improved customer loyalty. It is equipped to handle multiple lines of business and can be quickly integrated with any existing claims management system and policy administration system.

Multiple Lines of Business

Ready for Multiple
Lines of Business

The FNOL process, though similar across the insurance industry, has variations specific to lines of business and carriers. Cogitate Claims FNOL solution is designed to incorporate multiple lines of business such as auto, property and more with ease, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of insurance carriers, MGAs and wholesalers.

Integration with Existing Systems

Integration with
Existing Systems

The architecture of Cogitate Claims FNOL supports quick and easy integration with almost any claims management system and policy administration system. After capturing all claim information, the data is sent to the claims management system to generate a claim number. The claim number is also communicated to the user for further inquiries and status updates.

Multi-channel Compatible

Multi-channel Compatible

Modern day policyholders seek the flexibility of multiple means to file a claim. Cogitate Claims FNOL solution uses an integrated approach of web (internal and external access) and mobile apps. It supports multi-channel submission and delivery of information for an impeccable user experience. Being integrated with claims management systems, it provides a true omni-channel experience to users, agents and insurance companies.

Cogitate FNOL Insurance

Automated Claim Assignment Process

Insurance companies need a considerably long time to manually identify and assign an adjuster to a claim request. Digitally assigning an adjuster to a claim request helps to significantly reduce both the initial response time and the processing time, to resolve claim requests faster. Cogitate Claims FNOL solution addresses this issue and is equipped with a built-in round-robin mechanism with rules to quickly identify and assign adjusters to reported claims. It automates and streamlines work by ensuring that incoming claims are evenly distributed among adjusters for faster resolution times and a better customer experience.

Claim Listing and Filing

Claim Listing and Filing

  • Lists all claims at different phases of the FNOL process
  • Integrated with the insurer's policy administration system for retrieving policy-related information
  • Supports multiple claim reports for the same claim
  • Integrated with third-party providers to retrieve vehicle information based on VIN
Adjuster Assignment

Adjuster Assignment

  • Automated claim assignment to adjusters based on information stored in client's claims management system
  • Capable of manually assigning an adjuster to override an automated assignment
  • Adjusters can be internal or external and even located at multiple locations
Integrated Mobile App

Integrated Mobile App

  • Easy-to-use mobile application allows the capture and submission of various claims-related documents, including photos, police reports, and more
  • Can be integrated with third-party service providers for automated claims settlement of smaller claims, e.g., glass repair shops can assess and settle 'glass only' claims without adjuster involvement
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