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DigitalEdge Claims

Faster, Simpler, Better Claims Management for P&C Insurance

Superior Customer Experience and
Reduced Claims Leakage

Cogitate DigitalEdge Claims with its comprehensive, and innovative and highly configurable solutions delivers greater value to business by shortening the claims turnaround time and delivering enhanced experiences for your customers when they need it the most. In addition, it streamlines the claims processing using a bouquet of modern technologies resulting in reduced costs and leakage, and improved productivity and efficiency.

Modern, Personalized Claims

DigitalEdge Claims offers built-in, automated workflows to help settle claims faster with features including simplified multi-channel FNOL, straight through processing, claims progress tracking, and integration with online payments vendors. It provides seamless, transparent and personalized experience for your customers to build loyalty.

End-to-end Claims

DigitalEdge Claims covers all the stages of the claims life-cycle from First Notice of Loss (FNOL), assignment, verification and investigation, settlement, to dispute management and recovery.

Proactive Fraud
Awareness and Prevention

Claims Fraud Network Analysis

Cogitate Claims Fraud Network Analysis (CFNA) allows proactive protection to insurance providers against fraudulent claims, using artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics. It is a futuristic solution that enables insurance carriers, MGAs and wholesale brokers to quickly identify deliberate attempts to submit claims of a fraudulent nature. Cogitate CFNA is designed to identify fraudulent claims in the early stages. This allows insurance providers to take precautionary measures and safeguard themselves against financial losses through possible fraud.

Claims Fraud Network Analysis

Cogitate DemandAssist

Cogitate DemandAssist is a unique solution that enables adjusters to easily and quickly identify attorney demand letters and track progress throughout their life cycle. This solution also enables the monitoring of negotiations with attorneys to ensure that any important deadline is not missed. It helps to avoid bad faith exposures and reduces the risk of demand-related claims that might result in litigations.


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Superior Customer Centric Solutions

With built-in, multi-channel FNOL, customers can report their loss easily and quickly, anytime, anywhere. The wealth of existing APIs allows Carriers to provide a 24/7 personalized experiences using their website and mobile app. This level of transparency and efficiency increases customer engagement and satisfaction, builds trust and strengthens customer loyalty.

Competent Claims Handling

The rules-driven, end-to-end claims workflows of DigitalEdge Claims delivers superior customer satisfaction. The personalized user interfaces and automated processes of the DigitalEdge Claims provide both customers and the claims team with exceptional experiences.

Innovation for Operational Efficiency

DigitalEdge Claims with its built-in intelligence, historical learning and other modern technologies will ensure faster claims handling with consistent and efficient settlements, while also reducing administration costs.

Lines of Business
Claims Processed
In Payments
Customer Retention

Reimagine Claims
with DigitalEdge

Straight-through Processing for All Lines of Business

DigitalEdge Claims supports straight through processing for all lines of business by automatically processing transactions without manual interventions or input.

Stringent Risk Assessment for Fraud Prevention

DigitalEdge Claims is integrated with multiple data sources, that helps in the early identification and assessment of risks associated with the claims. It provides improved accuracy through stricter claims tracking and proactive protection to insurers by quickly identifying deliberate attempts to submit claims of fraudulent nature.


DigitalEdge Claims solution products can be easily integrated with existing client systems including any Policy Administration System (PAS), Document Managements System (DMS), Agency Management System (AMS), and top third-party vendors to provide a true digital experience to your customers.

First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

The built-in tools supports omni-channel capabilities to streamline the FNOL submission and quickly provide supporting documents for the claims. Using the fully digital interface (mobile and web) the customers can track the status and receive alerts through all the stages of the FNOL.

Real-time Information with Detailed Reports and Analytics

Easy to read dashboards and rich, custom reporting functionality to get actionable business intelligence at fingertips for every stage of claim processing. Leverage analytics and big data for deeper insights that help in better informed decision making.

Task Automation

Embedded smart directives and triggers of DigitalEdge Claims provide automation through built-in workflows, helping you to build more intuitive and simpler processes for your customers and team.

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