Innovative Technology Products and Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Insurance Technology by Insurance People

At Cogitate, our team has over 100 years of insurance domain knowledge and experience. We add to that experience a passion to constantly develop innovative technology products, especially when fulfilling the need to modernize and transform how insurance products are accessed and delivered, no matter the size of your firm's business or where your firm resides in the value chain.

Our Story

Cogitate Technology Solutions, Inc. develops modern and innovative technology products and solutions for the insurance industry. We help insurance companies transform their business models to create a competitive advantage in a time of rapid industry change. Our next-generation technology products and solutions are helping insurance carriers, brokers, MGAs and agents to accelerate digitalization and expand their business.

Cogitate was established in 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia, when insurance industry veterans joined forces with technology experts. The team had a vision to transform the insurance business through technological innovation. Backed by more than 100 years of comprehensive experience and domain knowledge, we have since then designed products specifically for the needs of insurance businesses of every size and in any position within the insurance value chain.

Today, Cogitate partners with insurers to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and position insurance companies to provide the best, most modern customer experience so that they become the preferred insurance provider to their customers.

  • Location

    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Experience

    100 years of comprehensive experience

  • Technology

    Trusted technology partners to insurers of all sizes

And with its rich insurance knowledge and innovative products, Cogitate is quickly becoming the trusted technology partner for many firms throughout the insurance value chain.

Our customers include global, national and regional insurance carriers, MGAs, wholesalers, program managers and retail agents.

About Cogitate Technology Solutions

Our Vision

Cogitate's vision is to be a leading insurance technology innovator by developing transformative digital insurance products and service delivery solutions throughout the insurance industry value chain.

Cogitate Vision
  • Customer Retention Rate
    Retention Rate
  • Customers and Counting
    and Counting
  • Policy processed
    Policy transactions
    processed through platform
  • Insurance Demand Letter
    Insurance Demand Letters identified by analysing over 2 million documents
  • Project Go-Live
    Project Go-Live

Why Cogitate

  • Digital experience with existing systems
    Digital experience with existing systems
  • 360° Integrated Digital Insurance Ecosystem
    360° Integrated Digital Insurance Ecosystem
  • Flexibility to Choose Your Products
    Flexibility to Choose Your Products
  • Modernize Insurance Workflows
    Modernize Insurance Workflows
  • Ready for the Future
    Ready for the Future
  • Scalable to Support Your Growth
    Scalable to Support Your Growth
  • Omni-Channel Insurance
    Omni-Channel Insurance

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