Cogitate DigitalEdge Insurance Platform

Cogitate DigitalEdge
Insurance Platform

Reimagine, Realign, Transform

The Cogitate DigitalEdge Insurance Platform is a powerful technology platform for insurance companies, MGAs, wholesale brokers and program managers of all sizes, helping them strengthen current processes and systems to realign business models for a smooth transition to the digital era.

Digital Insurance Platform Solutions

DigitalEdge for Insurance

With Cogitate DigitalEdge Insurance Platform, you can build an omni-channel insurance ecosystem to integrate multiple channels, distribution partners, customers and any third-party services to modernize existing processes, simplify distribution and provide an exceptional customer experience. With the full power of digitalization, you can strengthen existing core systems, increase speed-to-market and reduce operating expenses.

  • Digital Engagement

    Digital Engagement

    Deliver engaging experiences for your customers and channel partners across multiple digital channels

  • Speed-to-Market


    With the digital foundation, quickly introduce new products or modify existing ones to suit ever-changing market needs

  • Digital Ecosystem

    Digital Ecosystem

    Realign your existing business models for the future and integrate customers, agents and other channel partners

  • Customer Experience

    Customer Experience

    Provide modern and exceptional experiences that your customers are accustomed to from other online retailers and businesses

  • Ahead of Competition

    Ahead of Competition

    Empower your team to compete with Insurtechs and global and national insurers entering your territory

  • Omni-channel


    Create multiple digital touchpoints through the insurance value chain to exchange information, drive sales and provide service on demand

  • Greater Distribution Reach

    Greater Distribution Reach

    Increase your distribution network to quickly and easily expand into new markets and reach more of your target customers

Technology for Insurance

The insurance industry is in a state of rapid change, driven by technological advancement. This has naturally led to new customer expectations, which causes insurance companies to constantly chase the curve of innovation. Cogitate DigitalEdge Insurance Platform comprises current technologies as well as those of the future, enabling you to build a digital insurance foundation for tomorrow even while engaging its tools today, ensuring you are always several steps ahead of the competition.

Next-Generation Technology for Insurance
Pre-integrated Solutions

Pre-integrated Solutions

  • Provides out-of-the-box integration with various third-party information services, for data prefill, accurate risk information, claims history, weather updates, geographical maps and other important data sources
Adaptive API

Adaptive API

  • Cogitate's proprietary API technology accelerates integrations with your existing systems, and with raters of multiple carriers, third-party services and data sources, allowing for a highly functional and efficient ecosystem platform, while enabling a fantastic digital customer experience
  • Adaptive API has the ability to connect to virtually any system or IoT device that can generate or store information
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Low Code / No Code

Low Code / No Code

  • Enables business users to react quickly to changing markets by providing them with the control to configure (and reconfigure) the system through an easy and intuitive 'Configuration Console' without any help from the IT team
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Microservices Enabled

Microservices Enabled

  • Microservices-based architecture allows various independent components to communicate through service buses to enable more efficient business functionality, and gives you the flexibility to choose only the components that your business needs
Mobile and Chatbots ready

Mobile and Chatbots ready

  • Mobile enabled to provide 'up-to-the-minute' information and a true omni-channel experience to new-age customers
  • Automates simple processes through AI-based bots and workflows to generate leads, reduce service request volumes and engage customers and channel partners
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Transforms insurance across all functions - claims processing, fraud detection, underwriting, customer service, sales and marketing
  • Enables complex applications, from claims fraud identification and prevention, attorney demand letter identification and risk prediction, to more common uses, such as finding the best suited product for customer needs, automatic evaluation of complex risks and customer profiling
OCR and Text Mining

OCR and Text Mining

  • Reduces operational costs by improving process efficiency through automation of document scanning and identification of patterns and critical factors via data received
Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

  • Ensures that your data provides valuable insights about customer behavior, customer profiling, product and policy design, risk analytics, predictive models and much more
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Digital Engagement

Today, customers expect an experience from insurers that's similar to those they get from other online service providers. Many insurance companies are losing business to Insurtechs, largely due to the inability to provide a true digital service experience. Cogitate DigitalEdge Insurance Platform comprises a stack of next-generation technology tools designed specifically to drive a superior digital engagement with various stakeholders in the insurance value chain.

Insurance Customer Experience Solutions

Delightful Customer Experience

Cogitate DigitalEdge Insurance Platform includes a variety of digital engagement tools, including mobile apps, AI, chatbots, portals and more. Digital engagement empowers insurance providers to build stronger relationships with customers and channel partners and provide exceptional service through such personalized means. Collectively, these tools enable the modernization of insurance workflows to restructure existing business models for a very pleasant customer experience.

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Modernize Existing Business Processes with Cogitate DigitalEdge Platform

Modern Insurance with Existing Systems

The various components of Cogitate DigitalEdge Insurance Platform integrate seamlessly with your own systems, allowing you to continue to use your existing systems while maximizing their benefits. The DigitalEdge platform enables you to modernize existing business processes and customer-facing offerings through built-in digital workflows. The omni-channel on-demand access to information results in greater engagement and a superior experience for customers and channel partners alike.

Cogitate DigitalEdge Insurance Platform Datasheet

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