Insurance Data Analytics Software

DigitalEdge Analytics

Business Intelligence, Analytics and Reporting for P&C Insurance

Data to Actionable Insights, Quickly

Your data is your biggest asset, if you can derive actionable insights from it. Cogitate DigitalEdge Analytics is a Business Intelligence and Analytics solution specifically designed for property and casualty insurance providers to harness the power of the data available. It enables data-driven business models across organization – from product and program development to underwriting and risk analysis to claims and fraud analytics.

Single Source of Truth

Cogitate DigitalEdge Analytics integrates with all sources of data including your existing core and legacy systems, digital platforms and external sources to furnish a singular view and obtain powerful insights

Make data-driven informed decisions

Cogitate DigitalEdge Analytics gives means to leverage data to make informed decisions and build effective strategies to create competitive advantage, develop products that customers want and enable actions that results in exceptional user experience across business operations

Monitor Risk Portfolio

Cogitate DigitalEdge Analytics includes a variety of line of business specific reports that assist to consistently monitor risk portfolio and ensure delivery of right information in real-time


Built-in Visualization Tools

Built-in standard and custom dashboards, reports, charts, maps and more to provide insights into various business operations, performance and KPIs

Line-of-Business Specific Reports

Reports focused on specifics of particular line of business. E.g., Tier based Exposure Analytics for Property Insurance

Risk Portfolio Analysis

Know where and how your risk portfolio is spread and what measures you need to take – E.g., Feature Count by Claims Severity and Zip

Holistic vs Partial View

Dashboards, reports and other data elements that provide both holistic and partial view of data with drill downs

Integration with Existing Data

Cogitate’s Adaptive API technology ensures seamless and highly configurable integrations with your existing databases and legacy applications

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