Insurance API Integration

Cogitate Adaptive API

Accelerated Systems Integrations

Modern Omni-channel Ecosystem
for the Insurance Value Chain

Cogitate's proprietary Adaptive API technology ™ allows for seamless integrations with virtually any system and data source, including existing core and legacy systems, third-party data and service providers, value chain partners, IoT devices and more. Adaptive API supports a contemporary, omni-channel experience and unlocks considerable efficiency for customers, retail agents, MGAs, wholesalers and carriers.

Pre-integrated Information Ecosystem

Pre-integrated Information

Adaptive API creates the ability to connect with any third-party data and service providers to rapidly acquire risk information for several lines of business, including personal and commercial property data, vehicle, driver information, consumer databases, map and location services, real estate marketplaces, payment gateway solutions and more. These easy integrations empower the users across the value chain with:

  • Faster and more accurate assessment of risk
  • Automatic risk capture and pre-populated forms
  • Accelerated sales cycle by eliminating manually driven data exchange
Integration with existing Core and Legacy Systems

Integration with existing Core and
Legacy Systems

Cogitate's proprietary API technology accelerates integrations with your existing core and legacy systems, and with raters of multiple carriers you work with. This brings numerous advantages including:

  • Faster digitalization, while eliminating the need to replace existing core and legacy systems
  • Rapid implementation and Go-Live capability in just a few weeks
  • Cost effective, enabling your business to scale

Collaborative Synergies with
Speedy Integrations

Cogitate's Adaptive API solution helps simplify data integration with DigitalEdge Platform. The input and output conversion feature of Adaptive API technology allows use of 3rd-party data for multiple integration between all value chain partners.

Faster Integration

Faster Integration

Adaptive APIs expedite speed and reduce efforts required to integrate with any system to a few days.

No Deployments for New Integrations

No Deployments for New

The innovative approach of Cogitate's Adaptive API technology eliminates the need to develop code for every new API integration.

Configurable APIs

Configurable APIs

Cogitate's Adaptive API is configurable API technology which does not require any development or code deployment and simply works with expression inputs and information type specifications.

Easy to Manage

Easy to Manage

Powered with Low Code No Code, Cogitate Adaptive API simplifies the management of multiple API integrations through the API Configuration Console, which avoids the manual governance for individual APIs in different environments.

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