Secure Our World


Secure Our World

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and as providers of digital insurance solutions, we are participating in spreading the word to our industry. First, we share the official theme of 2024, “Secure Our World.”

The four critical steps CISA recommends for individuals to maintain a secure profile are outlined in this year’s theme:

  • Recognize and report phishing, delete messages
  • Use at least 16 characters in your passwords and use a secure password manager
  • Use multifactor authentication
  • Keep your software updated to protect against security bugs

The above are critical to each and every one of us to protect our personal and our business environments. Maintaining a heightened awareness of potential threats means questioning what looks legitimate and taking extra steps to validate and confirm the communications we receive.

  • Is that text message really from our founder?
  • Is there actually a package being delivered from UPS?
  • Has there truly been a $1000 charge on my Amazon account?
  • Is that actually Verizon calling with a discount?

Fraudulent messages like these appear across our email, text, and phone messages every day and at first glance, may seem legitimate. Remain on high alert as the creativity of these nefarious messages is always evolving.

What would we add to the above list, especially targeted to our insurance network? Know your solution providers and and choose like-minded organizations that prioritize security in design, implementation, and maintenance.

Work with an insurance digital platform with a trusted, well vetted ecosystem of partners that share your security framework. These partners should be mature, well-funded, best-in-class solutions to ensure their commitment to security matches yours. Make sure their knowledge of the insurance regulatory environment is advanced and compliance assured.

Cogitate’s digital insurance platform securely integrates with over 50 best-in-class, third-party data and solution providers. We take that role very seriously, vetting and evaluating all partnerships across policy, billing, and claims to ensure the security of our platform and your data. Meet our partners here and reach out for more information about Cogitate Adaptive APIs.

Secure Our World is a theme that extends throughout the year, beyond Cybersecurity Awareness Month. At Cogitate, it starts with our own personal vigilance and extends to every feature and function of our digital insurance platform and the ecosystem of partners we trust.

Pam Simpson

Pam brings a decade of insurance content creation to her role as Director of Marketing and Communications at Cogitate. Her passion for insurance technology and ecosystem partnerships stems from her former role as Director of Content Strategy and Research with Carrier Management and Insurance Journal working with stakeholders across the insurance value chain. She has authored numerous eBooks and research reports, hosted and produced webinars, and developed podcasts for the P&C Insurance Industry over her tenure. Find Pam on LinkedIn:



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