Cogitate Digital Insurance

Cogitate Digital Insurance

Platform for Omni-channel Ecosystem

Cogitate Digital Insurance is a technology platform that provides insurance carriers, MGAs, wholesalers and program managers with modern ways of conducting business. It offers an array of insurance technologies, from digital sales and service infrastructure, integrated mobile apps and chatbots to artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics.

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Digital edge in insurance

Cogitate Digital Insurance helps insurers become more competent, increase speed to market and quickly adapt to the changing needs of customers in a rapidly changing industry. Insurance companies can create their own omni-channel ecosystem to integrate both channel partners and customers.

Cogitate Digital Insurance for Carriers, MGAs, Wholesalers and Program Managers

Cogitate Digital Insurance for Carriers, MGAs, Wholesalers and Program Managers

  • Digitalize your business with existing systems
  • Achieve omni-channel distribution
  • Strengthen traditional B2B channels
  • Incorporate direct B2C channels to drive growth
  • Attract and retain digital-savvy customers
  • Provide seamless digital experience to customers
Cogitate Digital Insurance Helps in Multiple Ways

Cogitate Digital Insurance Helps in Multiple Ways

  • Achieve greater reach in distribution
  • Increase sales - direct and through agents
  • Reduce cost of business by increasing efficiency
  • Generate leads through digital channels
  • Achieve ease of business for channel partners and customers
  • Deliver an exceptional customer experience to build brand loyalty

Cogitate Rater

Rating a risk is a core element of the insurance business. Cogitate Rater is a sophisticated tool which provides a real-time rate response for any line of business. It can be used by insurance companies of all sizes to create new products which can be quickly distributed through channel partners and online insurance distribution platforms.

Powered by 'low-code, no-code' capabilities, Cogitate Rater is completely configurable by business users without any assistance from the IT team, through an easy-to-use interface. This helps to quickly launch new products and modify existing ones by adjusting the rating rules according to business needs. Additionally, Cogitate Rater maintains all versions of different configurations added over time. This feature allows business users to compare current and previous rates and retrieve older rate configurations if needed.

Cogitate Rater

Cogitate Quote, Bind and Issuance

The prime feature of the Cogitate Quote module is Quote in a Minute. It uses Cogitate's Adaptable API technology that allows easy integration with multiple third-party services to pull relevant risk information in order to prefill forms. The automatic retrieval of risk information assists in obtaining a quote, literally in minutes. The Quote module is already integrated with Cogitate Rater.

The Cogitate Bind and Issuance module is seamlessly integrated with Cogitate Quote to populate the application with risk information captured while generating a quote premium. If needed, this information can be further edited to calculate actual premium. This module has the built-in capability of inserting agents' and customers' e-signatures, which can be authenticated using a mobile One Time Password (OTP). Cogitate Bind and Issuance also facilitates e-payment through commonly accepted modes such as credit cards, net banking and payment gateways.

Cogitate Quote, Bind and Issuance

Cogitate Post-sale Services

In insurance, post-sales service is as important as sales to enhance customer experience. Cogitate Post-sale Services digitalizes the workflows of policy services required by the modern customer. It empowers channel partners to serve customers quickly, resulting in a pleasant experience.

The Cogitate Post-sale Services module helps in the lifecycle management of a policy, including various service requests like endorsements, renewals, cancellations, rewrites and reinstatements. It includes capabilities like automatic notification to agents, underwriters and policyholders for renewal, along with renewal premiums. This module also facilitates e-payment through commonly accepted modes such as credit cards, net banking and payment gateways.

Cogitate Post-sale Services

A Smart Step Towards the Insurance of the Future

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    No Hidden
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  • Quickly Add New States & Business Lines

    Quickly Add New States & Business Lines

  • Scalable to Support Growth

    Scalable to
    Support Growth

  • Customizable & Configurable

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  • Mobile & Analytics Ready

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