A Simplified Process

The Agency Appointment application resides on the MGA's or carrier’s website. Agencies that are interested in partnering with them can submit their applications online along with the necessary documents such as agency license, authorization and consent form, etc. The MGA or carrier can process the applications and complete background verification within 24-48 hours. This helps in onboarding the new agencies quickly so that they start producing business faster.

  • Agency appointment time reduced from a manual process of 7-10 days to just 24-48 hours
  • Automatic notifications regarding application progress sent to prospective agents as well as MGAs or carriers
  • Integrated with Interstate Background Research (IBR) for rapid turnaround
  • Easy to use and navigate

“Cogitate Demand Management solution has so many features and benefits. We have significantly enhanced control over attorney demand claims exposure with this software. Demand Management solution helps us to ensure that no demand or a subsequent deadline is missed which can lead to bad faith. This is truly ‘sleep insurance’ for me when it comes to attorney demand letters. It’s an incredibly valuable tool for me as the Claims Vice President.”

Christine Ainsworth
Vice President of Claims
Southern General Insurance Company

“In the rapidly changing insurance industry, insurers are turning to digital business models to stay relevant and competitive. Digitalization of insurance is no longer a differentiator but has become table stakes to fulfil new customer demands. Insurers are looking for modern technologies to build out their digital ecosystem and transform the customer experience - for both channel partners and customers. Critically, these kinds of systems must integrate seamlessly with existing core insurance systems and have pre-integrations with third party data sources and insurance services. Many insurers are looking for a microservices-based architecture to drive flexibility and speed of implementation.”

Karlyn Carnahan
Head - North America Property Casualty

“Cogitate Digital Insurance has helped us to digitalize our personal property lines business and build an omni-channel ecosystem for our channel partners to connect with us seamlessly. We currently are writing policies for Homeowners and Mobile Home insurance through this platform. It is integrated with our existing systems including AIM and ImageRight. This allows our agents and underwriters to easily access the required information whenever they need. It is full of brilliant features such as ‘Quote in a Minute’, Customer E-signature verification, Post-sale Services workflow and built-in Property Analytics tools. Personal Property insurance platform has quickly become one of the pillars of our digital business initiatives.”

Elena Leming
VP of Personal Lines
Insurance House

“Our agency is constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Thanks to Cogitate, our agency is now in the palm of our customer's hand 24/7. The many features included in our app has made it a favorite among our customers and has helped us to continue to offer comprehensive support to our customers regardless of what time of the day it is or how near or far they are from one of our agencies. The Cogitate app brings our agency to them.”

Jeff Butler
Able Auto & Cycle Insurance

“Cogitate Digital Insurance solution has enabled us to extend our channel reach. This powerful platform has helped us become more competitive by improving our speed to market & customer experience. Additionally, we have experienced a significant decrease in our cost structure. I highly recommend Cogitate as we’ve experienced their expertise in insurance and technology.”

Diane Boyer
Director of Insurance Operations
Insurance House

Rapidly Expand your Distribution Network

Cogitate Digital Agency Appointment solution enables rapid expansion to newer geographies by quickly bringing new agents on board. This helps in expanding to new territories, enabling faster business growth.


Quick and Easy
Application Process

  • Agents can submit an application in five easy steps
  • All necessary forms such as W-9 and Consumer Authorization are prefilled to avoid errors and reduce the time needed to re-enter the same data
  • Built-in electronic signature for agencies before their information is submitted to the MGA or carrier
  • Automatic updates sent to all stakeholders regarding application status

Integration with Interstate Background Research (IBR)

  • Integrated with IBR for verification of agent’s criminal history
  • Criminal History Consent Form sent automatically once the agent submits the application
  • Verification report from IBR directly populated in the DMS

CRM and Document Management System (DMS) Integration

  • API-based integration with the DMS of the insurance company to easily store and retrieve applications for viewing
  • Integrated with the CRM of the MGA or carrier to complete an agent’s appointment with the click of a button
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