Arvind Kaushal

Arvind Kaushal-Co-Founder & CEO of Cogitate - insurance software

Arvind is a seasoned executive with nearly 3 decades of software experience in the financial and insurance sectors. Before co-founding and serving as the CEO of Cogitate, he held operational and leadership roles including CIO and CFO of Insurance House Holdings, which owns Southern General Insurance Company and the intermediary Insurance House. Today, Arvind applies this deep industry knowledge to problem-solving and innovative thinking while steering the company on an impressive growth trajectory. Arvind’s technology background is extensive, serving eight years with Delta Air, architect of, and software consultant with Wipro on engagements including Bank of London, Singapore Airport Authority, ABB, and Canon. Arvind received his BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Bangalore University and his MBA from Goizueta Business School at Emory University.

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