Dr. Jill K. Jinks

Dr. Jill K. Jinks - Co-Founder & Director

As Chairman of Insurance House Holdings, Inc., Jill brings extensive career experience and domain knowledge to Cogitate. Throughout Jill’s career, she has been an active advocate for the insurance industry, holding leadership positions with GAPCIC, the CPCU Chapter of Georgia, and NAPSLO (now WSIA). Jill has a passion for learning and innovation and is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Georgia where she engages in research based on the quantitative methodology she created to study adult learning in complex systems.  The University of Georgia has a patent pending on the method used in Jill’s research which is based on the use of fractals to measure environmental complexity.  She used this to create a generalizable intervention index to facilitate learning based on the complexity of the environment. In addition to a Ph.D., Jill also holds a Master of Science in information systems from Georgia State, a master’s degree in education from UGA, and an MBA from New York University. Jill is an adjunct professor and serves on the Board of Trustees at Stetson University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in finance and economics. She is also a Board Member of Hyperion Bank Atlanta where she chairs the Audit Committee.  She was a founding Director of the Private Bank of Buckhead.

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