Nikhil Murarka

Nikhil Murarka-Managing Director, Cogitate India

Nikhil is critical to our talent management program and attracting the right people for the right jobs. He has over three decades of successful experience in strategy, operations, and management consulting and has been a core part of the Cogitate team since its inception. He is responsible for Cogitate India’s day-to-day and strategic operations, including human resources, corporate services, and administration. Before joining Cogitate, Nikhil served as CEO of a leading human resources consulting firm catering to 300+ customers in India and Africa. Throughout his career, Nikhil has consulted with various global companies in the establishment and expansion of their operations in India. He specializes in driving business growth through strategic sales and marketing. Nikhil earned his Degree in Computer Technology from the University of Mumbai and holds an MBA from S.P. Jain School of Global Management.

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