Rekha Kaushal

Rekha Kaushal-Vice President - Customer Success

Rekha brings 25 years of consultative services, customer engagement, and program delivery to her leadership of the customer delivery team at Cogitate. As the VP of Customer Success, Rekha is responsible for customer account management and delivery programs that consistently exceed customer expectations. Rekha works closely with our existing and prospective customers to understand their needs and provide consultative solutions to them. She is passionate about optimizing the service delivery processes and improving customer engagement and experience. Before joining Cogitate, Rekha left her mark within the corridors of renowned technology companies, assuming diverse roles across a multitude of domains where her expertise was sought after for consulting services rendered to esteemed clients like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and U.S. Xpress Enterprises Inc.Rekha holds a BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Bangalore University.

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