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Cogitate Launches Robust Distribution Management Functionality

Atlanta, Georgia June 12, 2024: Cogitate announces the launch of robust distribution management functionality for P&C insurers to manage the complexities of today’s agency hierarchies and curate personalized agent experiences at scale. Cogitate’s insurance solutions engage policyholders, agents/brokers, and insurers in collaborative, highly intuitive digital experiences that streamline the distribution and lifecycle management of property and casualty insurance products. DigitalEdge Distribution Management (DDM) fully integrates with Cogitate’s DigitalEdge Policy platform, warehousing all pertinent agency and payment data, commissions, and more – all at agency, location, and agent levels.

The design and features of Cogitate’s new DigitalEdge Distribution Management (DDM) address the need for speed and ease when managing distribution partners – addressing staff changes, curating specific offerings at a granular level based upon market conditions and performance, and seamlessly managing agency buys/sells. DDM includes new agency tools for greater self-service, reporting, and speed in adding/modifying staff and user types.

“We’ve developed DDM to provide a better, richer user experience for managers of distribution relationships. All changes to agencies, locations, and individual agents are seamlessly completed on the unified system, for real-time impact. This speeds insurer control over agent access to or restriction from products, adjustment to commissions, change in payment instructions, and more,” shares Samir Salem, EVP Customer Success.

Cogitate continues to advance features and functionality to streamline the experience of its users across the policy and claims lifecycle. In Q3, Cogitate will launch its upgrade to DemandAssist, adding large language modeling to this attorney demand letter detection and management solution. Creating new applications for AI, machine learning, and large language models, Cogitate’s Data Science team is working closely with its Product & Innovation team to stay ahead of the needs of its current and future property and casualty insurance clients.

About Cogitate

The Cogitate DigitalEdge Insurance Platform digitalizes insurance across the value chain, offering insurance carriers, MGAs, wholesale brokers, and program managers a smooth transition to cloud-native, data-driven core underwriting, policy, billing, and claim applications. The unified insurance platform unlocks the value of first-party data and advances the power of third-party data for profitable growth, superior risk selection, and a streamlined, modern user experience.

Backed by more than 100 combined years of comprehensive experience and domain knowledge, our products are uniquely designed to meet the needs of insurance businesses of every size. Find out how Cogitate maintains 100% client retention at

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