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Traders Insurance modernizes claims technology with Cogitate Claims Management System

Atlanta, Georgia, 07/13/2022— Traders Insurance, a privately owned regional insurance company based in Kansas City, Missouri replaced its legacy claim system with Cogitate’s Claims Management System to modernize claims operations with the latest technology. Cogitate, a leader in accelerated digital insurance for Wholesale Brokers, MGAs, and Carriers, offers readiness and relevance as the industry quickly transforms.

Traders Insurance, which specializes in auto insurance, was using a home-grown claims system for several decades. While it served Traders very well, the technology did not support the robust integrations and other features that will reduce costs and improve the customer experience that Traders found in the Cogitate solution.

“We look at claims as an opportunity to deliver on our promises to our policyholders.  The Cogitate solution supports us in being great at what we do and remain true to our vision and culture.”, Mark Concannon, CEO of Traders Insurance explained. “As important as the software itself, we found a partner in the Cogitate team that cares about excellence as much as we do. The new system provides better, quicker claim management, leading to more efficient internal processes and comprehensive reporting.”

“Several of our friends in the business use the Cogitate solution.  They highly recommended Cogitate for their industry expertise, solution capabilities and their friendly team who work with the customer to solve their issues”, said Patrick Concannon, COO of Traders Insurance. “Our new claims system engages users throughout the claim lifecycle. It is helping our team to reinvigorate claims processes to improve customer experience, increase efficiency, and reduce operational cost. It is pre-integrated with various third-party data services and also with our other internal systems for real-time exchange of information.”

Samir Salem, Executive Vice President at Cogitate quoted, “The most important need for Traders Insurance was to transfer complete data from the old claim system to the new one. Many solution providers were unsure about delivering this requirement. At Cogitate, we have worked on similar requirements for other insurance providers before. We took up this challenge and delivered successfully. This is the Cogitate culture – we partner with our customers to provide them the required solutions and solve their problems.”

About Cogitate Technology Solutions®

Cogitate Technology Solutions, Inc. is a full stack, cloud native digital underwriting and distribution software provider for Property & Casualty Insurance Industry. Cogitate develops modern and innovative technology products and solutions to transform insurance business models to create a competitive advantage in a time of rapid industry change. Cogitate’s next-generation technology integrates seamlessly with existing core and legacy systems to accelerate digitalization and expand business for insurance carriers, wholesale brokers, MGAs, and agents of all sizes. For more information, please visit .

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